Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Counting Down The Days

In our home we are busy with all my daughters activities (Winter dance recital x2, Christmas Productions x3, Nutcracker x3 and not to mention a few Christmas parties). It feels as though this time of the year becomes the busiest and we rush around trying to fit in all the last minute shopping between work school and other activities.

As we count down the days until Christmas i find it important to take a moment to remember what the true meaning of the season is about.

This is the time to gather with friends and family that we as whole don't do nearly enough or as often as we should. It is a time to see the magic in our children's eyes as they are busily working on Christmas concerts, recitals, parades and parties. It is a time to reflect on the year and be thankful that you are able to spend it with people you care about. This year I have made it my priority to teach my 7 year old what Christmas really means and that it is a time for giving and not receiving. Yes there will be presents under the tree when she wakes up on Christmas morning but non of them will be addressed "from Santa" as she knows that there once was a man named Nicolas that gave presents to the poor but there is no Santa. We are going to have a birthday cake for Jesus and take this time to remember the gift God gave us! In the daycare I am also teaching the children the importance of giving to those who are less fortunate. We are collecting food for the food bank and we are going to find a away that we can give some toys and games to children who are as fortunate to have the means that our family's have to afford presents under the tree. The children have also said that they would like to go caroling in the neighborhood as a gift to our neighbors!

For Christmas this year I opted not to buy "things" for adults in my family but purchased Tickets to see Rebecca and the other children of Kamloops who made it Dance in the Nutcracker. I think that watching a classic ballet such as the Nutcracker is so much more enjoyable then stuff! We are doing several homemade gifts this year as well because it comes from the heart!

My Christmas wish this year is that everyone takes the time to do something special for somebody else that doesn't involve long line ups at the toy store or mall. Make a gift, sing somebody a song, pick up the phone and call somebody far away you haven't spoken to in a long time. Give a Gift from the heart and remember its not about the stuff its about the people and the meaning and the goodness that is found in all of us!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 more Days

So much has happened and continues to happen as we continue on with life and keep it as normal as possible and continue to prepare for the move to Surrey.

March 1-6 was the World Master indoor Track and Field Championship. For those of you who are not familiar it is like any other track meet except for the fact that all athletes are over 35. Watching men an women in their 80's and 90's compete in running, throwing and Yes even pole vault is pretty amazing. The experience as a volunteer for this even was more then i could ever have imagined it would be.

Over the Spring break we were able to visit with my brothers kids and also had my friend Daniel and his 3 kids stay with us for a few days. Rebecca really enjoyed having the extra kids around even if they were all older then her by at least a couple years. The house sure was quiet when everyone was gone!

Rebecca is continuing on with her schooling (grade 2 and not even 7 yet) I think we maybe be able to reach the half way mark before I leave her for 2 months. We have never been apart for more the a couple of days at a time so not seeing her until the end of April when I come back for her birthday will be extremely hard. I am not sure if I will be able to leave her behind when I head back to the coast and can't see her again until the end of May when I return to see her Year end Dance adn get her ready to return to Surrey with me.

The move is something Exciting to say the least. So much is happening for the better. I will continue my education (day care management and ECE Assistant) and then my friend Amanda and I will be able to open a fully licensed Childcare facility. We have many plans for the future including (in about 2 years) a fully functioning Christian Daycare and Pre-school center.

Now it is time to get Rebecca off to another dance class!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy times....

It's been awhile since I had the chance to write a blog. Things have been busy busy busy, nothing to out of the normal about that. Big changes are happening and the are exciting.

Rebecca has finished her grade one and is now working on her grade 2. Her progress in my eyes is wonderful and I hope she keeps up the great work. The normal reading level for her age is a grade 1/2 and she is at a grade 2/3. She loves to read and it is a joy to listen to her progress. She has still yet to score less then 100% on a spelling test and that is impressive for anyone. Her math skills continue to improve and this year of school has just been an overall joy!

From March 1st to the 6th I have a wonderfull opportunity to be a volunteer for the Worlds Master's Track and Field competion being held here in Kamloops. The athletes are between the ages of 35 and 100 years. I am sure that it will be a very enjoyable experience and I look forward to meeting so many people from around the world.

We are moving this year and with all the changes Rebecca will be returning to school. I won't be homeschooling anymore as I will be to busy with work. I am sad that this is the case but I am looking at the different Christian Privet Schools that will be close to our new home and know that everything will work out fine. I leave for Surrey at the end of March and Rebecca will join me in June. I will be making trips back to Kamloops at the end of April for her birthday and at the end of May for her Year end Dance recital.

Rebecca is excited at finding out she will be close to the Vancouver Aquarium and the Science World and has already made noise that next year she would like to have her birthday at one of these places.

Here's to positive change!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some Alarming Facts

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

* People with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to die of heart disease than those without. 4 out of 5 people with diabetes die from heart disease.
* More than 60% of people with diabetes have high blood pressure, and almost 60% have high cholesterol. Both are risk factors for heart disease and stroke.
* The longer a person has diabetes, the greater the chance of complications and death.
* Diabetes puts you 15 years closer to a heart attack, stroke or death from any cause. A 40-year old with diabetes has the same level of risk as a 55-year old without diabetes. Risk increases from moderate to high at around age 45 for men and 50 for women. If you are older than 30 years of age and have lived with type 1 diabetes for more than 15 years, you are considered to be at high risk for cardiovascular disease.

Undiagnosed diabetes

* One in 3 people with diabetes have it and don’t know it.
* On average, people have diabetes for 7 years before diagnosis.

The high price

* Medical costs are two to three times higher for people with diabetes. Costs for medication and supplies range from $1,000 to $15,000 a year.
* By 2010, it’s estimated that diabetes will cost the Canadian healthcare system $15.6 billion a year and that number will rise to $19.2 billion by 2020.

Please don't forget to donate and help me reach my goal of $10,000 for 2010

Dublin Marathon on-line donation page:

Calgary Marathon on-line donation page:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WITH OR WITHOUT YOU.... The choice is Yours!

So I kind of came off a bit defensive and rude today on facebook I think... I never meant to do so but the build up of frustration kind of crept out. I love having my daughter at home. I love being a homeschooling parent. Our situation works best for us and with that being said I wonder why it is that sometimes those who should be the most supportive and understanding in our lives(even if the don't agree with our choices) are the ones who are so quick to make the negative comments! I love all of my family and all of my friends but I am saddened by some who's tue colors have seem to come out since the homeschooling began. I do not judge you for your choices. I love you and support you and want to know if it is to much that I expect to much by asking the same in return? I will continue to do what I feel is best for me and my daughter with or without the support of those who matter most in my life!

"All the things I seem to feel uptight about Ain't so devasting afterall This must be what life is all about Standing tall each time you take a fall" -Jennifer Love Hewitt (You Make Me Smile Lyrics)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Wow… It’s hard to believe that 2009 is almost over. It has been a very full year for us full of change and excitement some tears and lots of laughs.

In April of this year we headed to Vancouver to visit the Greater Vancouver Baptist Church with some other members of our church family. The trip to Vancouver also included a trip to Metro Town Mall in Burnaby where Rebecca and her friend Brianna were able to visit the Build a Bear Workshop where Rebecca chose a very special new friend for her birthday.

Rebecca finished Kindergarten in June at a French Emersion school and was eager to get summer started. We were able to enjoy our summer together with trips to the Water Park and visits to Cranbrook. Our first visit to Cranbrook included a trip to Fort Steele and a couple trips to the beach. On the second trip we spent some time with my dear friend Dana and her son in August and were able to go with Dana on a small road trip to get her cousin. I enjoyed our visit very much and Rebecca was able to make a few new friends while there. We also got to spend some more time with the Grandparents Johnston.

We started School at the end of August. Why so early you may ask? Well after lots of thought, many conversations and countless hours of prayer over the past few years, I made the decision that the best option for us would be homeschooling. Rebecca was eager to get started and it has so far been a great pleasure and joy to be with her every step of the way. I loving being part of her education in such a hands on way and creating our own unique fieldtrips specifically designed for her including a Trip to the museum where we learnt about the history of Kamloops and a fun trip to Riverside Park to people watch. We are registered With Heritage Christian Online School and I have plans of continuing with them for her grade 2 year.

(Rebecca with Uncle Colin in Edmonton)

About mid September our pastor announced that he and his family would be heading off for awhile to try and get more much needed funding for our very small Church. This means that we will not be continuing with our Church until then return. I have grown very close to their family after the last couple years and Rebecca has also grown very close to their children and in particular their daughter. This has been very hard news for us but we know that Gods plan is much bigger then our own and we will continue to pray and hopefully sooner rather then later our close Church family will be together again. At the end of September we headed off to Edmonton for a few days to see my brother Colin play hockey. Rebecca was very excited to see her uncle again and it was nice to be able to watch him play again. While in Edmonton we were able to visit the West Edmonton Mall where we saw sharks, got to pet sting rays and star fish and Rebecca even got kissed by a Sea Lion. We were also able to Visit the Royal Alberta Museum where Rebecca was again thrilled as they had a special exhibit called “Much About Munsch”. Robert Munsch happens to be one of Rebeccas favourite authors and this was a neat experience for her and she talked about when she had gone to meet him last year with Grandma Julie while he was in Kamloops.

October was a very busy month continuing with Rebeccas school. Rebecca also started dance and tennis. These are two hobbies she seems to enjoy very much. I signed up for two more Team Diabetes events and will be heading to Calgary in May for a 5k and to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Team Diabetes Canada and I am also headed to Dublin Ireland next October for a Marathon. My fundraising goal for these two events is $10,000. In order to help reach my goal I have decided to host a Dinner and Silent Auction early in the New Year (I was not prepared for the amount of work that goes into this sort of thing, but all planning seems to be going well). We chose to stay warm this Halloween and once again went Trick or Treating at the mall with Rebecca dressed as Cinderella

(Rebecca with Bruiser Halloween 2009)

(Rebecca at Dance 2009)

November was off to a busy start. Tennis ended and Swimming began and of course there is also dance. I am very happy that Rebecca is out to discover what she enjoys the most. We have been talking and when dance is over in the summer Rebecca wants to continue so we will see what happens. As for swimming she is just getting started again and is already looking forward to when this session ends and the new one begins and we have plans of signing her up for the diving programs after a couple more sessions.

We are looking forward to spending Christmas with my brother Brian and his Wife Donna. Brian’s Children James and Sarah will be here for Christmas as well this year which should be fun. My younger brother Colin will be home for Christmas also this year and although Dad will be away for work Mom has decided to stay home and spend Christmas with her Children.

Hope You Have a Very Merry Christmas
With Love,
Dannielle and Rebecca

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh I wish I were a Glow Worm....

"Oh I wish I were a glow worm
Cause I glow worms never glum
How can you be glum
When the sun shines from your bum?"

I feel trapped. This not being able to walk up and down the stairs thing dosnt work for me... I can't go out because we have stairs that lead out and I can't go to my own space because my own space is at the bottom of the stairs inside... It makes me feel so exposed and bummed... Poohy.... I just want to get better now... Thinks Heel shopping is in order once I am better.

Life must go on!

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